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Glaszart - A Photo Journal
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About Me
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the-first-power-outage-snowfall-of-the-season1 page
The First Power Outage & Snowfall of the Season
nature-wildlife1 page
Nature & Wildlife
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Nature & Wildlife - Page 2 of 6
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Nature & Wildlife - Page 3 of 6
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Nature & Wildlife - Page 6 of 6
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Nature & Wildlife - Page 5 of 6
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Nature & Wildlife - Page 4 of 6
interviews1 page
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Interviews - Page 2 of 5
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Interviews - Page 3 of 5
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Interviews - Page 5 of 5
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Interviews - Page 4 of 5
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Travel - Page 2 of 3
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Travel - Page 3 of 3
trees-plants-flowers1 page
Trees, Plants & Flowers
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Trees, Plants & Flowers - Page 2 of 2
an-interview-with-photographer-kyle-haley1 page
An Interview with Photographer Kyle Haley
an-autumn-view-of-clearwater-lake-from-pico-ridge-in-industry-maine1 page
An Autumn View of Clearwater Lake from Pico Ridge in Industry, Maine
the-black-capped-chickadees-have-returned1 page
The Black-capped Chickadees Have Returned
getting-to-know-photographer-randy-dykstra1 page
Getting to Know Photographer Randy Dykstra
experiencing-fall-during-homecoming-weekend-at-sugarloaf-in-carrabassett-valley-maine1 page
Experiencing Fall During Homecoming Weekend at Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley, Maine
an-interview-with-photographer-liz-thomas1 page
An Interview with Photographer Liz Thomas
learning-about-photographer-gavin-bickerton-jones1 page
Learning About Photographer Gavin Bickerton-Jones
photographing-maine-wild-turkeys1 page
Photographing Maine Wild Turkeys
early-autumn-apple-picking-at-morrison-hill-orchard-in-farmington-maine1 page
Early Autumn Apple Picking at Morrison Hill Orchard in Farmington, Maine
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 2 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 3 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 15 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 4 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 5 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 14 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 13 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 12 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 11 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 10 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 9 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 8 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 7 of 15
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Glaszart - A Photo Journal - Page 6 of 15
animal-tracks-in-the-snow-in-western-maine1 page
Animal Tracks in the Snow in Western Maine
inspirational-photography-by-photographer-jim-pottkotter1 page
Inspirational Photography by Photographer Jim Pottkotter
wildlife-photography-interview-with-nikki-humphrey1 page
Wildlife Photography Interview with Nikki Humphrey
an-interview-with-photographer-steve-hogan1 page
An Interview with Photographer Steve Hogan
inspirational-photography-by-wildlife-photographer-nick-hurst1 page
Inspirational Photography by Wildlife Photographer Nick Hurst
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Site Map Page 1
archives1 page
almost-24-hours-without-power1 page
Almost 24 Hours Without Power
another-hour-without-power1 page
Another Hour Without Power
natures-very-own-unique-winter-ice-shapes-patterns1 page
Nature's Very Own Unique Winter Ice Shapes & Patterns
a-gopher-tortoise-in-florida1 page
A Gopher Tortoise in Florida
early-summer-groundhog-kits-in-western-maine1 page
Early Summer Groundhog Kits in Western Maine
the-hummingbirds-are-here1 page
The Hummingbirds Are Here
when-should-i-bring-my-hummingbird-feeders-inside1 page
When Should I Bring My Hummingbird Feeders Inside?
a-hummingbird-hawk-moth-visiting-phlox-garden-plants-in-western-maine1 page
A Hummingbird Moth Visiting Phlox Garden Plants in Western Maine
common-yard-and-garden-pests-in-maine1 page
Common Yard and Garden Pests
an-american-tree-sparrow-visits-the-backyard-in-western-maine1 page
An American Tree Sparrow Visits the Backyard in Western Maine
photographing-common-yellowthroats-during-fall-migration1 page
Photographing Common Yellowthroats During Fall Migration
how-to-tell-the-difference-between-the-female-purple-finch-and-female-rose-breasted-grosbeak1 page
How to Tell the Difference Between the Female Purple Finch and Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak
did-i-see-a-hummingbird-bumblebee-or-hummingbird-moth-in-the-garden1 page
Did I See a Hummingbird, Bumblebee or Hummingbird Moth in the Garden?
my-favorite-bird-seed-bandit1 page
My Favorite Bird Seed Bandit
spotting-a-broad-winged-hawk-in-the-front-yard1 page
Spotting a Broad-winged Hawk in the Front Yard
rebels-return-a-groundhog-in-maine1 page
Rebel's Return: A Groundhog in Maine
getting-to-know-photographer-bill-norton1 page
Getting to Know Photographer Bill Norton
learning-about-photographer-paula-cooper1 page
Learning About Photographer Paula Cooper
capturing-moments-in-time-an-interview-with-amy-sorvillo1 page
Capturing Moments in Time: An Interview with Amy Sorvillo
an-inspiring-photography-interview-with-joshua-tann1 page
An Inspiring Photography Interview with Joshua Tann
story-telling-through-the-lens-an-interview-with-cendrine-marrouat1 page
Story Telling Through The Lens: An Interview with Cendrine Marrouat
interviewing-photographer-stephen-dinsdale1 page
Interviewing Photographer Stephen Dinsdale
an-insightful-interview-with-photographer-ricky-jones1 page
An Insightful Interview with Photographer Ricky Jones
interviewing-photographer-filmmaker-storyteller-cinematographer-vishal-jadhav1 page
Interviewing Photographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller & Cinematographer Vishal Jadhav
beyond-the-image-an-interview-with-photographer-ralph-hassenpflug1 page
Beyond the Image: An Interview with Photographer Ralph Hassenpflug
a-close-up-interview-with-photographer-tim-davis1 page
A Close Up Interview with Photographer Tim Davis
an-interview-with-photographer-ike-smith-of-humperdink-photography1 page
An Interview with Photographer Ike Smith of Humperdink Photography
getting-to-know-landscape-nature-photographer-simmie-reagor1 page
Getting to Know Landscape & Nature Photographer Simmie Reagor
an-interview-with-professional-wildlife-photographer-documentary-filmmaker-paul-alistair-collins1 page
An Interview with Professional Wildlife Photographer & Documentary Filmmaker Paul Alistair Collins
michalakis-ppalis-a-photographers-journey1 page
Michalakis Ppalis: A Photographer's Journey
a-passion-for-adventure-getting-to-know-photographer-adam-romanowicz1 page
A Passion for Adventure: Getting to Know Photographer Adam Romanowicz
a-sunshine-filled-day-in-camden-maine1 page
A Sunshine Filled Day in Camden, Maine
an-autumn-hike-at-the-scenic-center-hill-nature-trail-in-mount-blue-state-park-in-weld-maine1 page
An Autumn Hike at the Scenic Center Hill Nature Trail in Mount Blue State Park in Weld, Maine
breaking-in-my-new-hiking-boots-while-walking-around-downtown-farmington-maine1 page
Breaking In My New Hiking Boots While Walking Around Downtown Farmington, Maine
hiking-the-gauge-road-trailhead-maine-hut-trail-in-carrabassett-maine1 page
Hiking the Gauge Road Trailhead & Maine Hut Trail in Carrabassett, Maine
visiting-maple-hill-farm-in-farmington-maine-on-maine-maple-sunday1 page
Visiting Maple Hill Farm in Farmington, Maine on Maine Maple Sunday
an-autumn-hike-on-reed-brook-trail-in-kingfield-western-maine1 page
An Autumn Hike on Reed Brook Trail in Kingfield, Western Maine
our-annual-mountain-blackberry-harvest1 page
Our Annual Mountain Blackberry Harvest
the-new-portland-wire-bridge-during-the-early-autumn-in-western-maine1 page
The Wire Bridge in New Portland, Maine During the Early Autumn
visiting-the-washington-oaks-gardens-state-park-near-palm-coast-florida1 page
Visiting the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Near Palm Coast, Florida
learning-about-abstract-artist-photographer-lara-morrison1 page
Learning About Abstract Artist & Photographer Lara Morrison
a-rainy-afternoon-in-bangor-maine1 page
A Rainy Afternoon in Bangor, Maine
a-visit-to-the-ski-museum-of-maine-in-kingfield1 page
A Visit to the Ski Museum of Maine in Kingfield
sugarloaf-mountain-kingfield-on-a-perfect-winters-day-in-maine1 page
Sugarloaf Mountain & Kingfield on a Perfect Winters Day in Maine
discovering-a-hairy-woodpecker-nesting-cavity-in-the-backyard1 page
Discovering a Hairy Woodpecker Nesting Cavity in the Backyard
a-draft-horse-at-an-equine-rescue-in-western-maine1 page
A Draft Horse at an Equine Rescue in Western Maine
june-eastern-phoebes-in-western-maine1 page
June Eastern Phoebes in Western Maine
a-visit-from-an-eastern-gray-squirrel-during-a-snowstorm1 page
A Visit From an Eastern Gray Squirrel During a Snowstorm
winter-avian-visitors1 page
Winter Avian Visitors
summer-birds-in-maine1 page
Summer Birds
up-close-and-personal-with-wildlife-adventure-photographer-andrew-sproule1 page
Up Close and Personal with Wildlife & Adventure Photographer Andrew Sproule
the-art-of-photography-an-interview-with-norman-gabitzsch1 page
The Art of Photography: An Interview with Norman Gabitzsch
photography-with-a-passion-an-interview-with-john-clark1 page
Photography with a Passion: An Interview with John Clark
the-beauty-of-nature-an-interview-with-photographer-catherine-reading1 page
The Beauty of Nature: An Interview with Photographer Catherine Reading
capturing-the-wild-an-interview-with-keith-elcombe1 page
Capturing the Wild: An Interview with Keith Elcombe
learning-about-photographer-jennifer-white1 page
Learning About Photographer Jennifer White
visiting-camden-maine-during-the-holiday-season1 page
Visiting Camden, Maine During the Holiday Season
an-autumn-walk-through-aix-en-provence1 page
An Autumn Walk Through Aix-en-Provence
touring-the-square-of-miracles-in-pisa-italy1 page
Touring the Square of Miracles In Pisa, Italy
a-winter-hike-in-the-maine-huts-trails-in-carrabassett-maine1 page
A Winter Hike in the Maine Huts & Trails in Carrabassett, Maine
capturing-the-natural-world-an-interview-with-photographer-kerri-martin1 page
Capturing the Natural World: An Interview with Photographer Kerri Martin
aimee-maher-photographing-nature-in-all-its-beauty1 page
Aimee Maher: Photographing Nature in All its Beauty
getting-to-know-professional-wildlife-photographer-and-guide-pete-walkden1 page
Getting To Know Professional Wildlife Photographer and Guide Pete Walkden
spring-is-finally-here-in-western-maine1 page
Spring is Finally Here in Western Maine
birds-in-florida-during-the-summer1 page
Birds in Florida During the Summer
a-snowshoe-hare-in-maine1 page
A Snowshoe Hare in Maine
summer-garden-cosmos1 page
Summer Garden Cosmos
bird-photography-with-a-canon-rebel-t6i-camera-55-250mm-lens1 page
Bird Photography with a Canon Rebel T6i Camera & 55-250mm Lens
spring-apple-blossoms1 page
Spring Apple Blossoms
for-all-of-you-bird-lovers1 page
For All of You Bird Lovers
the-quiet-beauty-of-winter-in-maine1 page
The Quiet Beauty of Winter in Maine
backyard-birds-in-maine-during-the-early-spring1 page
Backyard Birds During the Early Spring
growing-last-years-collected-stored-nasturtium-seeds1 page
Growing Last Year's Collected & Stored Nasturtium Seeds
how-to-harvest-and-dry-lavender1 page
How to Harvest and Dry Lavender
behind-the-lens-an-interview-with-photographer-james-bo-insogna1 page
Behind the Lens: An Interview with Photographer James "Bo" Insogna
ikebana-the-art-of-japanese-flower-arranging1 page
Ikebana: The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging
visiting-saint-sauveur-cathedral-in-aix-en-provence-in-southern-france1 page
Visiting Saint-Sauveur Cathedral in Aix-en-Provence in Southern France
notre-dame-de-la-garde-in-marseille-france1 page
Notre-Dame de la Garde in Marseille, France
white-tailed-deer-in-florida1 page
White-tailed Deer in Florida
a-visit-from-an-american-red-squirrel1 page
A Visit From an American Red Squirrel
spring-bird-watching1 page
Spring Bird Watching
a-white-throated-sparrow-enjoying-a-new-year-and-new-snow-in-western-maine1 page
A White-throated Sparrow Enjoying a New Year and New Snow in Western Maine
getting-to-know-photographer-karen-miller1 page
Getting To Know Photographer Karen Miller
cats-of-the-ancient-city-of-ephesus-in-turkey1 page
Cats of the Ancient City of Ephesus in Turkey
connecting-with-nature-an-interview-with-photographer-evgeniya-lystsova1 page
Connecting with Nature: An Interview with Photographer Evgeniya Lystsova
getting-to-know-photographer-matthew-barfield1 page
Getting To Know Photographer Matthew Barfield
an-interview-with-norma-brandsberg1 page
An Interview with Photographer Norma Brandsberg
getting-to-know-fine-art-photographer-rachel-morrison1 page
Getting To Know Fine Art Photographer Rachel Morrison
how-to-grow-creeping-thyme-successfully-from-seed1 page
How to Grow Creeping Thyme Successfully From Seed
june-blooms1 page
June Blooms
autumn-collection-storing-nasturtium-seeds-over-the-winter1 page
Autumn Collection & Storing Nasturtium Seeds Over the Winter
bumblebees-visiting-autumn-black-eyed-susan-flowering-plants-in-maine1 page
Bumblebees Visiting Autumn Black-Eyed Susan Flowering Plants
flowers-and-insects1 page
Flowers and Insects
growing-beautiful-wildflowers1 page
Growing Beautiful Wildflowers
photos-of-grasshoppers-around-the-property-in-maine1 page
Photos of Grasshoppers Around the Property
july-in-maine-what-types-of-birds-can-i-expect-to-see1 page
July in Maine: What Types of Birds Can I Expect To See?
winter-birds1 page
Winter Birds
early-spring-birds-in-maine1 page
Early Spring Birds in Maine
vibrant-nasturtium-flowers-growing-in-the-garden1 page
Vibrant Nasturtium Flowers Growing in the Garden
the-colosseum-in-romeitaly1 page
The Colosseum in Rome,Italy
into-the-wild-an-interview-with-professional-nature-photographer-paul-miguel1 page
Into The Wild: An Interview with Professional Nature Photographer Paul Miguel
getting-to-know-photographer-paul-hayes1 page
Getting To Know Photographer Paul Hayes
birds-in-maine1 page
Birds In Maine
a-dragonfly-during-the-late-summer-in-maine1 page
A Dragonfly During the Late Summer
late-spring-bumblebees-in-maine1 page
Late Spring Bumblebees In Maine
new-england-butterflies1 page
New England Butterflies
a-grasshopper-visiting-a-purple-coneflower-in-maine1 page
A Grasshopper Visiting a Purple Coneflower
after-the-freezing-rain1 page
After the Freezing Rain
new-england-flowers1 page
New England Flowers
blooming-eastern-purple-coneflowers1 page
Blooming Eastern Purple Coneflowers
how-to-tell-the-difference-between-hairy-and-downy-woodpeckers1 page
How to Tell the Difference Between Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers
michelangelos-renaissance-masterpiece-the-david-at-the-accademia-gallery-in-florence-italy1 page
Michelangelo's Renaissance Masterpiece the David at the Accademia Gallery in Florence, Italy
sightseeing-in-florence-italy1 page
Sightseeing in Florence, Italy
up-close-personal-interview-with-wildlife-photographer-greg-harvey1 page
Up Close & Personal: Interview with Wildlife Photographer Greg Harvey
an-interview-with-landscape-and-street-photographer-stephen-cosh1 page
An Interview with Landscape and Street Photographer Stephen Cosh
sunflowers-blooming-during-the-late-summer-in-western-maine1 page
Sunflowers Blooming During the Late Summer in Western Maine
flowers-blooming-around-the-yard1 page
Flowers Blooming Around the Yard
summer-new-england-flowers1 page
Summer New England Flowers
the-acropolis-of-athens-in-greece1 page
The Acropolis of Athens in Greece
hiking-to-the-base-of-mosher-hill-falls-in-farmington-maine1 page
Hiking to the Base of Mosher Hill Falls in Farmington, Maine
growing-a-summer-herb-garden1 page
Growing a Summer Herb Garden
a-painted-lady-butterfly-visiting-a-mammoth-sunflower-in-the-garden1 page
A Painted Lady Butterfly Visiting a Mammoth Sunflower in the Garden
a-quick-visit-to-mosher-hill-falls-in-farmington-maine1 page
A Quick Visit to Mosher Hill Falls in Farmington, Maine
a-young-garter-snake-on-an-autumn-day-in-western-maine1 page
A Young Garter Snake on an Autumn Day in Western Maine
an-afternoon-on-the-picturesque-island-of-capri-italy1 page
An Afternoon on the Picturesque Island of Capri, Italy
exploring-the-unusual-in-the-usual-an-interview-with-redski-redd1 page
Exploring the Unusual in the Usual: An Interview With Redski Redd
a-scenic-hike-at-smalls-falls-in-west-central-franklin-maine1 page
A Scenic Hike at Smalls Falls in West Central Franklin, Maine
the-interior-of-the-hagia-sophia-museum-in-istanbul-turkey1 page
The Interior of the Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul, Turkey
st-peters-basilica-in-vatican-city-within-the-city-of-rome1 page
St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City Within the City of Rome
an-american-toad-in-western-maine1 page
An American Toad in Western Maine
a-late-summer-walk-on-the-scenic-narrow-gauge-pathway-in-carrabassett-valley-of-western-maine1 page
A Late Summer Walk on the Scenic Narrow Gauge Pathway in Carrabassett Valley of Western Maine
a-morning-walk-through-the-ancient-ruins-of-pompeii1 page
A Morning Walk Through the Ancient Ruins of Pompeii
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